Sunday, November 07, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S: SpeedMod Kernel - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 02-Oct-2011

Click here to view the changelog for the Galaxy S kernel.
Click here to view the changelog for the Galaxy S2 kernel.

Q: Which phones is this kernel compatible with?

A: There are Gingerbread versions for the Galaxy S GT-I9000 and Galaxy S2 GT-I9100. Make sure you install the correct one for your phone.

Q: Is the SGS2 SpeedMod kernel compatible with the GT-I9100G model?

A: No, it is not. Kernels and ROMs made for the I9100 will not work with the I9100G.

Q: Which firmware versions can I use this kernel on?

A: Any stock Samsung Gingerbread firmware, and most popular customized Samsung ROMs. It does not work with CM or MIUI ROMs.

Q: Does this kernel support Undervolting or Overclocking?

A: No. I have no plans to support it as this can affect the stability of the phone.

Q: Does this kernel support BLN (Back Light Notification)?

A: No. I have no plans to support it as this requires a paid app and can reduce the battery life of the phone.

Q: Do I need to reset the battery stats after flashing the kernel?

A: No. The battery meter may be inaccurate after a flash. Just fully charge and discharge the battery 2 or 3 times and it should be accurate again.

Galaxy S specific questions

Q: I am upgrading to a newer version of the SpeedMod kernel from an older version. Do I need to remove any lagfixes?

A: No. But a backup is recommended in case anything goes wrong.

Q: Which lagfix do you recommend?

A: "Lagfixes" only apply to the Galaxy S. I recommend EXT4 All lagfix, with the SAFER ext4 mount option. Other lagfixes have a high risk of data loss if the phone crashes or is suddenly powered off or rebooted.

Q: Can I still upgrade my firmware using Kies after installing SpeedMod?

A: Yes. But if you are using a lagfix, you must disable it before upgrading the firmware.

Q: Help! I can't apply any Tweaks in the Recovery menu?

A: Most likely your /system is full. You have to make some free space there, which you can do from recovery using adb root, adb shell.

Q: I appreciate your work. How can I buy you a beer?

A: You can donate via Paypal by clicking here. Thank you! :)

(More Q&As to come later. Leave me questions in the comments and if they are useful, I will add them into the Q&A list.)



Anonymous said...

Is this version compatible with i9000m like froyo version?


Anonymous said...

Erm can I ask how to get the boot animation for your kernel its look cool but I want it on other kernel thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi i will like to now if this works on samsung note att version thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the info.

I have (or had) the speedmod K16-11 CWM kernel installed, with a pretty stock 2.3.5. Last night I upgraded to ICS (CM9), using CWM to simply install a zip file. First reboot got into a loop. I ran the .zip update with CMW again (which, incidently, was now upgraded to Anyhow, things seem to be working fine.

And yet : "A: Any stock Samsung Gingerbread firmware, and most popular customized Samsung ROMs. It does not work with CM or MIUI ROMs."

Should this not be working? Am I right in saying my speedmod kernel is running fine with ICS? Or am I going to experience bugs down the line?

Thanks for the great work ;)

Anonymous said...

does this kernel have tun.ko

Benny Creek said...

k17 2 4th day with no recharging!!1
No lags or errors, great kernel imho, but the sound is like stock (after semaphore 2.7.4 with voodoo sound). Is there some way to make it better? Do you plan to add voodoo sound support in your next versions?

Anonymous said...


I am using your SpeedMod N7000 ICS [K3-3 TEST CWM CIFS ROOT / NO-ROOT] for my samsung galaxy note and its working in excellent condition. Is this kernel able to use bootanimaiton? I realise that I am unable to change mine despite putting the file as system/media

Anonymous said...

Hi Hardcore!

I'm currently running K3-3 and its running smoothly. Has there been a major improvement in K3-6 that I should update?


Anonymous said...

which the Governor recommended Speedmod x Galaxy ICS Kernel Notes. Version: K3-12

Med said...

I have CM9 stable version on my SGS2 with Kernel version 3.0.32-CM. Will it work if i flash SpeedMod kernel to the actually CM kernel?

Dennis Meng said...


I really like this kernel (for my SGS 2), but I have discovered that running it causes the GPS to be pretty unprecise :-(

I use Stock Samsung ROM, currently upgraded to latest 4.0.4
Before flashing with the kernel / hence rooting it with it, the GPS was working perfectly.
As soon as I installed the kernel/root, it not shows unstable GPS tracking when walking/running. It shows a 3.8km route to be between 4.8-5.4km, depending on how much it decides to "zig zag" on the route.
This is no matter which App I use for it.
Unrooting again makes it work.

What can be done to fix this? I would love to run this kernel, but cannot use one of the main features of the phone with it on :-(

Cheers for an otherwise GREAT kernel!

Fidel said...

I really like this kernel. its very stable and luv i can get root access and CWM in one step.
Congratulations for your contribution and thanks a lot.

Shaedyn said...

I recently just got this kernel for my sgs2 (Because my videos or camera was black) I did everything right, I put it in download mode, And everything
Once it finished it rebooted, Up came the logo ad the yellow sign
I waited about 2 minutes and nothing happened, Just the same screen
I left it on longer, And nothing happened
Has it broken my phone? Any help

Anonymous said...

I'm under jellybean. Can I install this kernel ?
thanks for your work

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. I am using the Ultimate N7000 Rom and recently flashed this kernel. However, after flashing it appears my USB drivers are screwed up and my Galaxy Note is not recognized by my PC. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Gianpiero Celano said...

I used to root a Captivate GingerBread and install the speedmod but thinking to make it better I convert the rfs in ext4 and when rebooting I stuck to the logo At&t.
Don't know what was wrong and would simply get back at least to recover photos and videos in the internal sd card.
What should I do please?

Andrea Gonella said...

I've followed this guide to install the speedmod kernel on my Galaxy Note, using odin, but I have a problem: after Odin said that all was good, the phone is unable to reboot and for 5-6 seconds stay with the screen with the "yellow triangle" and then shut-down.
How can I solve this problem?Or come back to original kernel?
Please help me!! :(