Sunday, October 02, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2: SpeedMod Kernel Changelog

This is the changelog of the SpeedMod kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S2:

Click here to download the Jelly Bean kernel for the Galaxy S2 I9100.
Click here to download the ICS kernel for the Galaxy S2 I9100.
Click here to download the Gingerbread kernel for the Galaxy S2 I9100.

JB Jelly Bean versions:

- Rebuilt using GCC 4.6 toolchain from Android NDK r8

- Disabled debugging: ANDROID RAM CONSOLE

- Security patch: fix stack memory content leak via UNAME26 from S3 Update9 source code

- Rebuilt using GCC 4.7 toolchain from Android NDK r8e
- Enabled GCC 4.7 LTO (Link Time Optimization)

- Bootloop problem workaround: revert to using init executable from XXLSJ kernel
- Additional protection from data loss: disable ext4 delayed allocation (nodelalloc) *
* This will result in slightly lower IO benchmark scores (e.g. Quadrant) but no real-world difference

- Updated to GT-I9100_JB_Opensource source code
- Implemented kernel hack to support CRT-off animation

- Initial release for Android Jelly Bean
- Rebuilt using Codesourcery 2012.03 GCC 4.6.3 toolchain

ICS versions:

- Moved to SuperSU (Existing Superuser app will be auto-replaced with SuperSU)
- Implemented fix for "freeze on FC (Force Close)" problem caused by dumpstate
- Rebuilt using Codesourcery 2011.03 GCC 4.5.2 toolchain
- Minor tweaks to ondemand governor
- Minor tweaks to GPU DVFS driver

- Rebuilt using Codesourcery 2012.03 GCC 4.6.3 toolchain
- Minor tweaks to ondemand governor
- Minor tweaks to GPU DVFS driver

- Minor compiler flag changes
- Camera driver fixed for 4.0.4 ROMs

- Rebuilt on new GT-I9100_ICS_Opensource_Update7 source code
- Should be compatible with 4.0.4 ROMs

- Built using GT-I9100_ICS_Opensource_Update6 source code for 4.0.3 ROMs
- With improvements from K3-31 version

- Rebuilt on new GT-I9100_ICS_Opensource_Update6 source code
- sched_mc_power_savings set to 0 by default

- Changed to Linaro GCC 4.4 compiler for better stability
- Better MDNIE display settings to eliminate over-sharpening

- Rebuilt on newer source code GT-I9100_HK_IC_Opensource_Update1
- Hide boot partitions (TriangleAway 1.51+ still works)
- Changed some compiler settings to fix boot hangs

- Updated mach-exynos cpufreq code from GT-N7000 sources
- Updated root: Superuser.apk and su binary to latest versions

- Delayed min_free_kbytes adjustment a bit to prevent hanging at boot
- Enabled utf-8 support for CIFS

- Patched Wifi driver with "bcmdhd: Fix FW hang recovery"

- Tweaks to touchscreen sensitivity
- Compiler flags updated
- min_free_kbytes increased to fix wifi toggling problem

- Tweaks to touchscreen sensitivity:
- - Movfilter for battery set to GB kernel values

- Tweaks to touchscreen sensitivity:
- - Increased sensitivity when plugged in to charger
- - A bit more balanced movfilter

- Much improved touchscreen sensitivity
- Disable micro accounting in ondemand cpufreq governor for less overhead
- Applied Entropy512 / GM's mach-exynos cpufreq fix for policy changes
- Slight change to color saturation

- Changes to compiler flags based on Linaro Android 2011.10
- Slight changes to GPU DVFS policy
- Increased touchscreen sensitivity
- Restores compatibility with Tegrak OC module (broken in K3-10)

- Enhancement to DVFS based CPU hotplug policy: prefer 1-core when screen off
- CWM recovery updated to Koush's
- Added ability to disable auto-root
- adb root enabled (thanks to Chainfire's modified adbd)

- Minor update to IO tweaks
- MDNIE tuning for more natural color and sharpness
- GPU DVFS adjustments

- Minor update to IO read_ahead tweaks

- ARM CPU topology patch from Linaro
- SCHED_MC multi-core aware scheduler patch from Linaro
- Changed to DVFS based CPU hotplug policy

- Added CWM5
- Increased USB charging speed to same speed as AC charge
- max17042: Fix fuel alert wakelocks
- Touchscreen MOVHYST ("Vitalij fix") set to 10

- Initial release


- CPU frequency scaling adjusted

- CPU hotplug and frequency scaling adjustments
- GPU frequency scaling adjustments
- FUSE module included
- Increased USB charging speed to same speed as AC charger

- Updated compiler options
- PREEMPT mode
- CPU hotplug changes
- Enabled KALLSYMS_ALL for Voodoo Louder and Tegrak OC compatibility
- Updated scheduler tweaks
- Disabled AFTR cpuidle mode
- Slightly more aggressive GPU DVFS speed increase
- GPU base clock set to 167MHz instead of 160MHz
- Disabled some more debug logging in the kernel

- Patch from Linaro to support ARM CPU topology
- Updated ARM topology patches
- Enabled sched_mc for dual-core power management
- Enabled AFTR (ARM off top running) CPU idle mode
- Nicer looking kernel version string
- Updated to CWM5
- VM patches from 2.6.36 kernel
- CPU hotplug optimizations
- Disabled scheduler stats
- Disabled more debug code: STACKTRACE and LATENCYTOP
- High resolution timer HRTICK enabled in CFS scheduler
- Scheduler tweaks
- Some kernel config option cleanups
- Adjustments to compiler options
- Adjustment to wifi driver wakelock timeout
- max17042: Fix fuel alert wakelocks
- nohz: sched delay going tickless when CPU is loaded
- rcu: remove rcu_needs_cpu_flush() to avoid false quiescent states
- remove the per cpu tick skew
- Touchscreen MOVHYST ("Vitalij fix") set to 10

- Touchscreen tweaks: MOVHYST ("Vitalij fix") set to 3 (same as SGS1)
- Touchscreen sensitivity (burst length) increased

- Added TCP timeout tweaks

- Disabled debugging: FRAME_POINTERS and ARM_UNWIND
- Modified IO tweaks (write flush timing)
- max17042: Fix fuel alert wakelocks (thanks Entropy512)

- Changed some compiler optimization settings

- Updated wifi driver from GT-N7000 sources
- Updated CWM recovery to
- Changed some compiler optimization settings

- Reworked patches from GT-N7000 sources
- Adjusted init.d script startup delay

- Removed -ffast-math from compiler optimizations

- Patched net usb drivers from GT-N7000 sources
- Revert to using CONFIG_PREEMPT
- New compiler optimization settings (smoother!)

- Implemented ARM_ERRATA_743622, ext4 and mm patches from GT-N7000 sources

- Change to CONFIG_PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY for kernel

- Rebuilt using new GT-I9100_OpenSource_Update3 source code

- Revert faster USB charging speed, it was causing instability for some USB ports
- Disable Mali-400 GPU state tracking
- Minor bugfix to Exynos cpu suspend hotplug

- Rebuilt using newer Linaro 2011.10 GCC 4.5 toolchain
- USB charging speed increased by 10%: current limit set to 500mA

- Rebuilt using newer AT&T SGH-I777_Opensource source code

- Updated init.rc for better XXKI3 compatibility

- Compiled using Linaro GCC 4.5 2011.09 toolchain
- Updated wifi, sound, fs patches from update2 source code

- Modified brightness levels, higher mid-level brightness
- Slight optimization to light sensor driver

- Reverted back to Update1 source code but with new compiler optimizations from K1-T29

- Experimental fix for "no deep sleep" problem from update2 source code

- Compatibility fix for non-Samsung emmc storage

- More compiler optimizations

- Re-built from new Samsung update2 source code



Greg said...

I Have SGS2 with your Speedmod kernel, and want to thank you for your time in developing it.
I hav a bit of left field question but it takes someone of your level of knowledge to point me in the right direction.

The way the SGS2 API for the return of changing signal strength is configured or laking where many excellent apps which graphically or otherwise log your GSM / WCDMA need it to display simply return a solid incrrect reading. I have tried modems and now kernels in an effort to see if I can get one which has fixed this as Samsung appear to not be.

Any hints on whether this is even possible.

App example is "Network Signal Info", or "GSM Signal Monitoring".

Thanks, and I understand if this question isn't in this exact field, but your average enthusiast hasn't got a hope of knowing?

Greg Brisbane

dudi said...

the new CWM 5 is not installed..after installing k 3-3.
what is the problem?how can i get it?

Anonymous said...

Does it support BLN

Anonymous said...

Speedmod is my favorite custom kernel since GB. But after ICS update I've started facing wifi freezing issues with all ICS kernels, custom or even sotck ones. It seems that it was solved on SiyahKernel v3.1rc2. Hope you could do the same so I can get back to Speedmod

SiyahKernel v3.1rc2
Posted on April 13, 2012

updated the build script a little to fix the module loading issues (which is, by the way, the main root of wifi toggling issues)

Anonymous said...

could you please explain the build script modification?
I'm facing the same "wifi toggling" problem...

Thank you

Jeroensk said...


I've tried different forums, but none seem to know or at least answer. I've problems using a Bluetooth mouse or a wired mouse via otg. I think otg is not working yet, but Bluetooth keyboard is, so i can't get my head around why the mouse ain't working.

Hope you could shine some light on this issue.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to add CWM touch support? like in siyah kernel?

Anonymous said...

great work man thanks alot

Green Lantern said...

Since K3-25 I've battery draining problem
Kernel Wakelocks-> "l2_hsic" - 6 Std 50 min / 14,1%
over night -35%.

Is it a known bug?

Anonymous said...

Hi, first of all thanks for the awesome kernel!

Noticed an issue with both K3-28 and K3-30. Accelerometer/gyro dont seem to work.(dont know which one!)

Noticed this while running Temple Run. Had to revert to K3-26.