Sunday, April 01, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS: Download SpeedMod kernel

Download links for the SpeedMod Android 4.0 ICS kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The procedure for how to flash using Odin is here.

The latest changelog is here.

NOTE: The downloads on this page are for the Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 running ICS only.

This version is only for Samsung ICS ROMs. It will not work for Samsung Gingerbread ROMs. It will not work with CyanogenMod or MIUI ROMS!

WARNING: This kernel does NOT work for the GT-I9100G. I9100 kernels and ROMs are not compatible with the I9100G.

Version: K3-32 (27-Oct-2012) * For 4.0.4 ROMs

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-32 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-32 for CWM

Source code for developers: SpeedMod K3-32 Source Patches

Version: K3-31 (06-August-2012) * For 4.0.4 ROMs

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-31 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-31 for CWM

Source code for developers: SpeedMod K3-31 Source Patches

Version: K3-27B (13-August-2012) * For 4.0.3 ROMs

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-27B for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-27B for CWM

Version: K3-26 (21-July-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-26 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-26 for CWM

Source code for developers: SpeedMod K3-26 Source Patches

Version: K3-25 (10-July-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-25 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-25 for CWM

Source code for developers: SpeedMod K3-25 Source Patches

Version: K3-24 (04-July-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-24 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-24 for CWM

Source code for developers: SpeedMod K3-24 Source Patches

Version: K3-21 (02-July-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-21 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-21 for CWM

Source code for developers: SpeedMod K3-21 Source Patches

Version: K3-20 (29-May-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-20 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-20 for CWM

Version: K3-19 (17-May-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-19 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-19 for CWM

Version: K3-16 (28-Apr-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-16 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-16 for CWM

Version: K3-15 (24-Apr-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-15 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-15 for CWM

Version: K3-11 (16-Apr-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-11 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-11 for CWM

Version: K3-9 (6-Apr-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-9 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-9 for CWM

Version: K3-7 (4-Apr-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-7 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-7 for CWM

Version: K3-5 (3-Apr-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-5 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-5 for CWM

Version: K3-3 (2-Apr-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-3 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-3 for CWM

Version: K3-2 (1-Apr-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-2 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-2 for CWM

Version: K3-1 (1-Apr-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-1 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K3-1 for CWM

You can download some of the versions and the source code from XDA forums.


If you are a developer or want to re-enable logcat for whatever reason, do this:

adb shell
mount -o remount,rw /system
echo ANDROIDLOGGER >> /system/etc/tweaks.conf
mount -o remount,ro /system

Reboot and you should have it enabled.



dudi said...

Im with version k3-3 and it is gr8.
But i dont have CWM 5...any idea why?

mt said...

Hi.I'm on K3-5 and CWM manager writes that it should be used with CF-rootv5.0 and no backup/restore functions

Anonymous said...

i cannot download, it stops around 500k, any mirrors ?

Anonymous said...

thx !


Hi, I just installed this, and I think it is quite good. I've been doing a few benchmarks, and have noticed that the results are all over the place. I got 2 results of a little over 4000, and the rest were in between 3200 and 3700, with most leaning on the side of 3200. Is there a specific reason for this? When I was running CF-Root kernel, I never had this level of variance -- all of it was between 3700 and 4200, give or take. I like the smoothness, I just wish it was constant.

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

hi ı m using your K3 16 versiyon its perfect but sometimes when ı restart my s2 its stop samsung s2 boot screen while restart the s2 again if you can fix the this problem your kernel is much better than others for me thanks now

Anonymous said...

it stop booting when u restart. u need to pull out battery. pls fix this bug.

Jeroensk said...

Has anyone used a Bluetooth mouse on this kernel? I can't seem to pair. And would it be able to add internal voltages to the kernel? Great kernel otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Yes good question! My Bluetooth mouse won't wir with this Kernel too... With the USB connector by samsung. Got the k3-16 on android 4.0.3.

Anonymous said...

Because i need the mouse for presentations at schildert thx

ps: does the Problem is fixed in the k3-19? Hot the Problem with Reboot too...
When it's fixed with k3-19 it's okay nur i haven't got the timr to test it
i live this Kernel Works vier smooth and fast on the galaxy
Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

can I use odin mobile to flash it?

Nicolas said...

I installed it and it works on Galaxy S2 - G

Anonymous said...

Hardcore did you leave this project ?

Anonymous said...

Does this kernel work with AOKP based roms?

Unknown said...

aftet install speed mod k3-26 via cwm and how to install Source code for developers: SpeedMod K3-26 Source Patches??

Anonymous said...

cannot rotate screen after installing K3-28...

Anonymous said...

cannot rotate screen after installing K3-30 too...

Anonymous said...

same problem with rotating screen.

Denmla said...

does the mobile phone had to be rooted so it can install SpeedMod K3-26 kernel

Unknown said...

Hi i have a problem i am stuck on the loading screen I used k3-32 and it wont go off the loading screen what do i do?

Unknown said...

i have a I9100G, and it is can't go to download mode and start so which version can i use?

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for the Kernel.
There is however a problem that I cannot the screen anymore.
Is there any way of fixing this.