Monday, November 22, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S: How to install SpeedMod kernel

The SpeedMod kernel is a fast, stable, and efficient (good battery life) alternative Android kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and Note, compatible with Samsung Android Gingerbread roms.

Installation Guide using Odin

Disclaimer: I make no guarantees that this will work for you. It might brick your phone. Do this at your own risk.

There are discussions at the XDA developers forums for the SGS and SGS2.


You need to have Kies previously installed on your PC, for the USB drivers.

1. Download Odin and the kernel

Download Odin 3.04 from here. Extract the files into a temporary folder, for example C:\Temp\Odin\.

Download the SpeedMod kernel.
If you are using the Galaxy S3, download the kernel from here.
If you are using the Galaxy Note, download the kernel from here.
If you are using the Galaxy S2, download the kernel from here.
If you are using the Galaxy S, download the kernel from here.

Make sure to download the Odin flashable version (not the -CWM version).

Copy the speedmod-kernel-x-y.tar file into the same directory as Odin.

WARNING for Galaxy S2 and Note: The Galaxy S2 and Note keep track of how many times you have flashed a custom kernel or firmware. This could void your warranty. The counter can be reset but the procedure is not trivial, and you'll need to use a hardware USB jig. More information here.

2. Put your phone into Download Mode

- Before you start, make sure your phone's battery is sufficiently charged (50% or more.)
- Power off your phone.
- Wait for the phone to completely shut down (it takes about 30 seconds).
- Press and hold Volume-Down + Home + Power at the same time.
- The phone should boot into Download Mode with the words "do not turn off target":

3. Run Odin and connect your phone

First make sure to quit / exit Kies!

From the directory where you extracted the files, run Odin3 v1.52.exe.

Now plug in your phone to the USB port of your PC. If you have Kies previously installed, you should see one of the ID:COM boxes turn yellow:

4. Now select the kernel file

- In PDA select the speedmod-kernel-x-y.tar file you extracted

Leave the other settings as default:

- PHONE, CSC, PIT should be blank
- Re-partition should be un-ticked

You should see something like this:

5. Flash the firmware

Click on the "START" button to start the firmware upgrade. Do not disconnect your phone or PC at this point.

After the upgrade finishes, your phone should reboot. Go to Step 6.

IF ERROR: In case Odin does not start flashing and shows an error, your phone might go into the "download error" mode:

DON'T PANIC. This happens sometimes when there is a USB connection error.

First disconnect the USB cable from your phone.
Next shutdown your phone, by either: Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. The phone will power off. If it does not, just take out the battery and put it back in.

Close Odin and try again from Step 2.

6. Checking the kernel version

Your phone should reboot automatically and boot into Android. Congratulations!

You can check the kernel version by going into Settings > About Phone and checking Kernel Version:

It works!

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Coming Soon: Optimum Settings for SpeedMod kernel