Sunday, October 02, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S: Download SpeedMod kernel

Download links for the SpeedMod Gingerbread kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S.

The procedure for how to flash using Odin is here.

The latest changelog is here.

NOTE: The downloads on this page are for the Galaxy S GT-I9000 only.

This version is only for Samsung Gingerbread ROMs. It will not work with Samsung Froyo, CyanogenMod or MIUI ROMS!

Version: K17-3 (25-Nov-2012)

This version only works for XXJW4 and NEWER "Value Pack" ROMs!

Odin version: SpeedMod K17-3 for Odin

Version: K17-2 (21-Apr-2012)

This version only works for XXJW4 and NEWER "Value Pack" ROMs!

Odin version: SpeedMod K17-2 for Odin

Version: K16-11 (22-Jan-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K16-11 for Odin

Version: K16-7 (06-Nov-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K16-7 for Odin

Version: K16-6 (29-Oct-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K16-6 for Odin

Version: K16-5 (27-Oct-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K16-5 for Odin

Version: K16-2 (24-Oct-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K16-2 for Odin

Version: K15I-T15 (19-Oct-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K15I-T15

Version: K15I-T13 (1-Oct-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K15I-T13

You can download some of the versions and the source code from XDA forums.



Mean said...

What gingerbread builds is this working on? I installed on JV9 and it works. What about JVS or JVT?

Alejandro said...

are you going to post some another guide for flashing using heimdall? ;) it would be awesome!

Yahya said...


Thanks 4 all

I flashed your last kernel


on my SGS2 with rom I9100JPKJ2

on the start up the screen get red for a second ( like flash ) before i enter my pin for simcard

before it wasn't there with



safwan said...

can i flash it to samsung gt 18150 root??

Ian said...

I tried SpeedMod Kernel K16-7 on my i1900m with KG3 and it caused a boot loop. Was able to flash back to stock KG3 but I guess it doesn't work yet. Gonna try upgrading to JVT and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

No tun.ko ko for ver k16-11.. i have already check it and have not seen any tun.ko in the directory.. can u add some tun.ko for this ver?

Keith said...

Trying now to root my Samsung Fascinate using speedmod-kernel-k16-11-Odin

Following this:

I am on step 5 and the device appears to be stuck in a loop. The phone appears to be continuously restarting, and the message area of odin keeps repeating:


The first few lines appear to indicate success:

Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
File analysis..
Get PIT for mapping..
Firmware update start..
NAND Write Start!!
All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0

Suggestions as to what to do from here?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i flash the kernel K16-11 and the camera don't work..

anyone know what version of kernel will make the camera work again?


Anonymous said...

after hours of trying to flash, i tried this... phone just ended up restarting itself on loop.

i no longer have a samsung galaxy s.

Anonymous said...

I flashed new rom XXJW4 throught Odin and after, the phone went in loop. It didn't start anymore.

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same problem as above. I flashed the new Gingerbread 2.3.6 Value Pack on my GT-i9000 and after flashing the SpeedMod Kernel k16-11 the phone just keeps bootlooping. Ive tried everything even a backup before the flash and when I restored the backup it did NOT work!!! Please fix this

Anonymous said...

I dont think it works with 2.3.6 value - you will have to go back to stock

Takumi Takahara said...

Dear hardcore,

Thank you very much for this great kernel! After succesfully installing my galaxy changed to a rocket ^^

Arigatou gozaimashita!!!

C K L said...

i have i9000bojv9 which kernel to use with this version??

Anonymous said...

Thank you ! The K16-11 worked for my Samsung Galaxy i9000 !

Be careful ...
" The K16 series works on older Samsung 2.3.x roms.
The K17 series only works with the latest Samsung "Value Pack" 2.3.6 ROMs like XXJW4 / XWJW8. "

hackmii said...

Everybody who is getting stuck in a boot loop the fix is to boot into recovery by turning it on while holding home+volume up+ power then wipe data/factory reset