Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S: SpeedMod Kernel Changelog

This is the changelog of the SpeedMod kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S:

Click here to download the Gingerbread kernel for the Galaxy S I9000.


- Updated initramfs from XWJW8 kernel
- Minor compiler flags updates

- Fixed front camera problem in K17-1

- Updated to GT-I9000_Opensource_GB_Update2 source code
- Updated initramfs from XXJW4 kernel
- Updated compiler settings based on Linaro Android 2011.10 release
- Updated IO tweaks
- Only works with XXJW4 and newer Samsung "Value Pack" ROMs!

- Updated compiler settings
- Some minor tweaks

- Scheduler patched and tweaks adjusted
- Cleanup to kernel configs

- Rebuilt using Linaro GCC 4.4 2011.02
- High resolution timer HRTICK enabled in CFS scheduler
- Some minor tweaks

- Nicer looking kernel version string
- Rebuilt using Linaro GCC 4.6 2011.10
- Ondemand governor patched

- Using wifi driver compiled from source
- Added TCP timeout tweaks

- Switched back to TINY_RCU
- Disabled debugging: FRAME_POINTER
- Modified IO tweaks (write flush timing

- Changed compiler optimizations

- Switched to Linaro GCC 4.4 2011.02 (testing fix for black screen problem)

- Switched to default TREE_RCU (testing fix for black screen problem)

- Reworked MDNIE driver
- Disabled warm/neutral/cold color selection

- Updated modules from XXJVT
- Compiled using Linaro GCC 4.6 2011.10 toolchain
- SLUB max order set to 0

- Updated modules and init.rc from XXJVS including wifi module
- Should be compatible with XXVJS ROMs

- Compiled using Linaro GCC 4.5 2011.09 toolchain
- Changed HZ to 256 for better stability and compatibility

- Fixed missing wifi module from update2 source code

- Fixed USB Tethering problem
- Minor changes to tweaks

- Switched to Linaro 2011-07 GCC 4.5 toolchain
- Enabled GCC Graphite optimizations
- K15I-T2b re-released to show version in About phone menu

- Rebuilt from update Samsung source code GalaxyS_OpenSource_GB_Update2

FROYO versions (no longer maintained):

K13E: 12-Apr-2011

- Voodoo Sound v7
- Optimization: Disabled CONFIG_UACCESS_WITH_MEMCPY
- Patched lowmemorykiller to remove potential bug with 2.6.35-kernel-specific code

K13D: 21-Mar-2011

- Attempt to fix WiFi error message when turning WiFi on sometimes
- Kernel modules updated from ZSJPJ kernel
- Ported fix from ZSJPJ kernel for downloading apps >30MB from Market
- Default lowmemorykiller minfree changed to 36MB

K13C: 20-Feb-2011

- Internal and External SD USB mounts work in Recovery mode
- Default lowmemorykiller minfree changed to 32MB "new" Samsung default
- Old 48MB lowmemorykiller minfree settings can be enabled via Tweak (not recommended)
- Kernel modules updated from XWJS5 kernel
- Kernel scheduler tweak removed (seems to be more consistent without it)
- Disabled custom boot sound to make init "cleaner" (can be re-enabled in Tweaks)

K13B: 16-Feb-2011

- Internal SD USB mount now works in Recovery mode
- New Android lowmemorykiller tweak: Increases usable RAM by 12MB
- Voice calls over headphones are louder
- Minor bug fix to FM Radio sound: High frequencies preserved after notification sounds

K13A: 8-Feb-2011

- Neutral / Warm / Cold color option, selectable from Recovery
- Disable minimum auto-brightness level option, selectable from Recovery

K12U: 6-Feb-2011

- Changes to color (less green)
- O3 compiler optimizations except for sound soc codec
- Kernel scheduler tweak modified (improves GPS response)

K12T: 1-Feb-2011

- Voodoo Sound v4 + some minor modifications
- Changes to the way color tweaks is applied
- Improved sharpness: turned on AMOLED mode in MDNIE
- Slightly optimized light sensor driver

K12S: 30-Jan-2011

- Added stereo headphone calling support: Voice calls go via normal stereo headphones if attached, otherwise they go via the Earpiece (thanks to xcaliburinhand for some of the patches)
- Voodoo Sound v3
- Disabled gamma 1.9 setting, everything uses gamma 2.2 now

K12R: 27-Jan-2011

- Compiled using O2 optimization instead of O3, should be more stable

K12Q: 24-Jan-2011

- Disabled Android debug logger / logcat (can be re-enabled in Tweaks)
- Disabled all kernel debug messages (printk) for increased efficiency
- Changed boot logo to I897 logo for AT&T Captivate version
- Changed /cache to ext4nj in recommended ext4 lagfix to fix large Market downloads
- Optional IPv6 Privacy support in Tweaks
- Voodoo Sound v2 compatible
- Fixed loud notification problem with headphones
- Fixed popping / clicking noise when music and FM radio is stopped / started
- Better FM Radio sound:
- - Really removed the high pass filter and DRC from FM Radio (restores full bass)
- - Turn on 4FS mode for ADC in FM Radio (smoother high frequencies)
- - Turn on 128x oversampling for ADC and DAC in FM Radio mode
- Adjusted volume of FM Radio and Media Playback to be similar
- General sound quality improvements:
- - Maximized digital mixer output to improve SNR and resolution
- - 128x oversampling option in Voodoo Sound enabled by default
- - Explicitly disable DRC and NG during media playback, if +1.5dB mode is NOT selected

K12P: 19-Jan-2011

- Increased microphone levels for voice calls: +2 from K12O (-2 from stock)
- Increased earpiece volume for voice calls: +2 from stock
- Updated some scripts and modules from XWJS3 kernel initramfs

K12O: 17-Jan-2011

- Better auto-brightness tuning and levels
- Increased microphone levels again

K12N: 15-Jan-2011

- More balanced auto-brightness tuning, brighter indoors vs K12M
- Auto-brightness changes in 4 seconds instead of 6 seconds in K12M
- Lowered voice call and recording microphone levels a bit

K12M: 14-Jan-2011

- Low brightness fix: lower minimum brightness (about 30% lower than stock)
- Auto-brightness tuning:
- - Gets brighter faster than stock outdoors
- - Stays dimmer longer than stock indoors
- - Brightness levels more evenly spread out

K12L: 13-Jan-2011

- Voodoo Sound v1: FM radio bass fix, controllable headphone output via Voodoo app
- Improved FM radio sound: removed Dynamic Range Compression
- Rear speaker volume increased +1 for media
- Light sensor polling interval changed to 2s instead of 0.5s
  (saves battery, more stable brightness levels)
- Light sensor sensitivity adjusted so that the screen doesn't turn bright so easily
  (saves battery and reduces screen burn)
- Adjustments to IO Tweak (super smooth now!)
- Changed battery level polling interval to 60 seconds, from 5 seconds

K12K: 9-Jan-2011

- Fixed problem where HD video recording stops: reverted to CFQ IO scheduler
- Headphone output boost for media reduced from +5 to +3
- Headphone output for FM radio reduced to match media level
- Earpiece volume for calls increased +1

K12J: 8-Jan-2011

- Compiled using O3 optimizations and ARM compiler mode
- Updated lowmemorykiller to latest version from Android git
- Recording sound fix: Decreased mic level for recording and voice calls to fix distortion
- Playback sound improvement: Increased headphone output level for media playback

K12I: 4-Jan-2011

- /system conversion to ext4 now supported
- Compiled kernel in -mthumb mode, it makes the phone run smoother

K12H: 31-Dec-2010

- Fixed bug in K12D-G with sound driver where after earphone was used, speaker had no sound
- Using O2 optimizations again

K12G: 30-Dec-2010

- Using Tiny RCU again, big thanks to Paul McKenney
- Patched lowmemorykiller to properly support Tiny RCU
- Improved color

K12F: 28-Dec-2010

- Fixed loop lagfixes
- More cleanup of startup scripts

K12D: 27-Dec-2010

- BLN (Back Light Notification) updated to 2.3
- USB mounts backwards compatible with 2.2 ROMs
- Switched to O3 compiler optimizations
- Improvements and cleanup to CWM startup scripts
- Added Tweak to keep /system write-able (not recommended for normal use!)

K12C: 25-Dec-2010

- Removed TINY RCU and reverted to default RCU

K12A: 24-Dec-2010

- Added TUN.KO support for VPN (enable/disable from Tweaks)
- Removed kernel debug messages from touchscreen and keyboard
- Removed wifi roam test messages from kernel debug log

K12: 23-Dec-2010

- Kernel built from updated source code from Samsung JPX version.

K11C: 21-Dec-2010

- Updated drivers from XXJPY kernel

K11B: 19-Dec-2010

- Updated drivers from XXJPX kernel
- Slight updates to CWM

K11A: 17-Dec-2010

- Updated to Codesourcery 2010.09 toolchain
- Now checks filesystems on Internal and External SD on startup
- Slight updates to CWM

K10K: 15-Dec-2010

- Factory reset now works with XXJPU Android 2.2.1 firmware
- Can use recovery 3e from ROM if needed
- Kies works with XXJPU
- Updated CWM Backup & Restore menus
- Using Codesourcery 2010q1 toolchain again

K10J: 12-Dec-2010

- Updated drivers and modules from XXJPU initramfs
- Changed RAM config to match XXJPU's 339MB
- Updated kernel scheduler tweak
- Switched to Codesourcery 2009q3 toolchain

K10I: 8-Dec-2010

- Updated lagfix options menu
- Changed ext4 / ext3 mount points to be more robust
- More adjustments to kernel scheduler tweak

K10H: 5-Dec-2010

- More adjustments to kernel scheduler tweak
- Improved GPS performance with kernel scheduler tweak

K10G: 5-Dec-2010

- Really fixed auto-rotate button problem with kernel scheduler tweak
- Safer write flush timing in battery tweak and ext3/4 commit mount options

K10F: 4-Dec-2010
- Fixed auto-rotate button problem with kernel scheduler tweak

K10E: 4-Dec-2010
- Adjusted kernel scheduler tweak

K10D: 3-Dec-2010
- Removed laptop_mode from Battery Life tweak
- UI update in Recovery menu

K10C: 1-Dec-2010
- Adjusted kernel scheduler tweak
- Added CIFS support, enable / disable from Recovery menu

K10B: 30-Nov-2010
- Added Battery Life tweaks: enabled laptop_mode and longer write flush times
- Tweaked some ext4 /ext3 mount options
- Improved /system remount and init script support

K10A: 29-Nov-2010
- Moved ext2 support to kernel module
- Tweaked some ext4 / ext3 mount options

K10: 28-Nov-2010
- Supports ext2 / ext3 / ext4 / ext4 no-journal / jfs filesystems
- Optimized mount options for ext4 / ext3
- Renamed some of the lagfix schemes to avoid confusion with Voodoo & OCLF
- Moved extra file system support to kernel modules, freeing up some RAM
- Better detection of file systems
- Supports boot-time init scripts in /data/init.d/E* and /data/init.d/S*

K9A: 24-Nov-2010
- Disabled USB debugging on boot. Improved bootanimation support.

K9: 22-Nov-2010
- Fixed potential corruption of /system in Universal Lagfix scripts (thanks supercurio!).
- /system is correctly re-mounted as read-only

K8: 22-Nov-2010
- ULF 0.4-pre update to fix PIT 513 lagfix problems.
- Enabled UACCESS_WITH_MEMCPY, TINY_RCU for speed and efficiency.

- Fixed battery life problems with different build config.



Anonymous said...

It seems that ver k16-11 has no longer have tun.ko and if it does, can u show it posting by posting the directory of tun.ko for this ver..

Aljoscha said...

Posted this on the main page, but I guess this is rather the right place for my comment:

Thanks a lot for the superb Speedmod Kernel work. Any chance that you include BackLightNotification into the Gingerbread Samsung Galays S I9000 Version? Loved it on Froyo!