Sunday, October 02, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2: Download SpeedMod kernel

Download links for the SpeedMod Gingerbread kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The procedure for how to flash using Odin is here.

The latest changelog is here.

NOTE: The downloads on this page are for the Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 only.

This version is only for Samsung Gingerbread ROMs. It will not work with CyanogenMod or MIUI ROMS!

WARNING: This kernel does NOT work for the GT-I9100G. I9100 kernels and ROMs are not compatible with the I9100G.

Version: K2-21 (3-Feb-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K2-21 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K2-21 for CWM

Version: K2-20 (31-Jan-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K2-20 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K2-20 for CWM

Version: K2-19 (21-Jan-2012)

Odin version: SpeedMod K2-19 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K2-19 for CWM

Version: K2-18 (18-Dec-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K2-18 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K2-18 for CWM

Version: K2-16 (06-Nov-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K2-16 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K2-16 for CWM

Version: K2-12 (27-Oct-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K2-12 for Odin
CWM version: SpeedMod K2-12 for CWM

Version: K2-6 (22-Oct-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K2-6

Version: K2-1 (13-Oct-2011)

Odin version: SpeedMod K2-1
You can download some of the versions and the source code from XDA forums.


If you are a developer or want to re-enable logcat for whatever reason, do this:

adb shell
mount -o remount,rw /system
echo ANDROIDLOGGER >> /system/etc/tweaks.conf
mount -o remount,ro /system

Reboot and you should have it enabled.



Anonymous said...

This works on I9100 and doesn't work on I9100G , what about I9100P (the nfc edition ?)

Chris said...

Dear Rodney,

First of all thank you very much for all your time and effort in putting this speedmod kernel together! However, would it be possible to release a version of the kernel without the MDNIE color tuning please? I really love the saturation of the screen but at the same time I would like to keep using the kernel you complied. Hope to hear from you soon!


Anonymous said...

Waiting for ICS version!

Anonymous said...

A question why does it not work on ICS ??? ...

Anonymous said...

coz the source code for ics was released by samsung just a few days ago. probably the ics kernel of speedmod is getting ready as we speak :D

Anonymous said...


I´ve got the standard kernel version I9100XXLQB-CL911584.

Does the kernel K2-21 work with it or is there maybe a problem with a brick?


Anonymous said...

I uploaded the latest kernel k2-21 to my S2 I9100 and after that my phone didn't start up; after showing the logo and yello triangle.

After wiping every thing and installing the rom, gapps ande superuser, my phone started up fresh again, but no spped kernel...

What is going on?
Thx Red