Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome to my Travelog!

Rodney is a guy from Malaysia who studied in Singapore. He currently shuttles between several cities in Southeast Asia for work and play. This website is a collection of his travel journals and random thoughts.


Miss T said...

Hey Rodney, I love how you redid the blogspot pages. And I wish I recorded my travels as conscientiously as you! Very cool stuff -- I'm inspired now.

Anonymous said...


I am from Singapore and I wish to ask if I can use your Zenkoji temple photo in my Buddhist video clip?




Rod said...

Hi stanton. Sure, go ahead and use it.

kris said...

hi rod. a question about the speedmod tomato firmware. will there be new version of the speedmodded tomato fw? version 1.22 of tomato is out now...

best regards & thank you for your great work

Panu said...


Love your blog, you must tell me how to do the little picture link to your story, fantastic.

You are absolutely correct, that is from Rayong Resort, I am certain that anyone who had visited this resort would have taken that photo... a classic view :)

Aljoscha said...

Thanks a lot for the superb Speedmod Kernel work. Any chance that you include BackLightNotification into the Gingerbread Samsung Galays S I9000 Version? Loved it on Froyo!


Anonymous said...


It seems that the link about your reclock source code modification didn't work anymore.

Could you update it ?

Matthew Snell said...

Thanks for the Galaxy Note SpeedMod kernel. Have been using if since previous release without issue. Hope to see future updates.