Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yokoso! Japan: Prologue

This is a journal of my first trip ever to the land of anime and electronic gadgets. It was totally last-minute and virtually unplanned but nevertheless a memorable experience.

The trip fit well into a greater plan: Make a short stopover in Hong Kong for some shopping, head over to Japan for 8 days, then fly direct back to Bangkok in time to celebrate a birthday. 2 objectives met with 1 trip!


Click above dates for more! Also check out my photo album for loads of pictures.

Travel Tips

1. Most round-trip airline tickets allow for 1 free stopover.

2. Buy a Japan Rail Pass if you plan to travel a lot! It allows unlimited rides on all Japan Railway lines including the Shinkansen bullet trains. A real bargain.

3. For Japan, you dont necessarily have to book hotels beforehand. The travel agencies at the Japan Railway stations are very effecient and can get you good hotels at good rates.

4. You can use your GSM phone number in Japan! 3G UMTS phones can roam in Japan. 2G GSM phones cannot. Exception: Some older SIM cards will not work on a 3G network. My Singapore 2G SIM card didn't work, but my Thailand 2G SIM card worked.


Anonymous said...

Dude! Cool travel pics! Made being an armchair travelling a real pleasure. Am looking forward to visiting Japan some day soon as well!

Hope we can catch up in Jan 06. Cheers.


touchiefeely said...

nice set of Japan dude. like the easy navigation too :D

Hong Hua said...

Thanks Rod!