Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yokoso! Japan: Day 04

Morning in Nagoya

A friend and I met up at the Nagoya JR station, had breakfast at MacDonalds and proceeded to whip out the cameras.

We decided not to spend too much time in Nagoya, so we visited only the Sakae area.

Oasis 21, a flying-saucer shaped building. Below it was a bus station. It had a very cool design - the roof is made of glass and filled with water.

Above: Me on top of the flying-saucer. My friend accidentally stepped into the pool and wet his shoes - haha!

Stupidity score : Friend 1, Me 0.

Then came my turn. Notice the many trees near the fountain? There were many birds hanging around those trees. I got bombed.

Stupidity score : Friend 1, Me 1.

I spent the next half hour washing up my jacket and hair.

Above: Takashimaya @ Nagoya station. We went back there for lunch and booked our Shinkansen tickets to Tokyo.

Above: Professional at work.

Above: Professional at play!

Tokyo: Sunshine City Hotel @ Ikebukuro

2 hours on the Shinkansen and we were in Tokyo. Another 40 minutes on a local train and we were at Ikebukuro where we made our way to our home for the next 3 days - Sunshine City Hotel!

Above: View from the hotel room. That's Tokyo for you.

Ikebukuro is one of the "happening" areas in Tokyo where the young hang out, filled with Pachinko game parlours.

Above: Outside the Ikebukuro station.

Yokohama Port area

After checking in, we met up another friend from Singapore who was living in Tokyo. We went over to Sakuragi-cho station in Yokohoma.

This view of Yokohama was completely different from that on Day 1. This was near the port, and had very romantic night views. We had dinner at a nearby shopping center overlooking Cosmo World Amusement Park.

Good pak-tor place.

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