Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Aim for the Top 2!

Anime Review: Aim for the Top 2! (Gunbuster 2!)

Plot-wise, TOP2 brings nothing new to the mecha / action anime. Elite squad of pilots consisting of teenage kids control big robots to battle against alien monsters. Elite squad discovers cute girl who's curiously clumsy and apparently has no skill. (Possibly, cute girl ends up saving the day?) Nothing new, but by no means a bad storyline. I still haven't completed watching the series yet (2 more episodes to go) so I'll reserve judgement of the plot until then.

Animation and sound however, are top-notch. The voice-acting and animation style reminds me of FLCL, but not so over-the-top. Even the name of the elite squadron is "Fraternity". Being a 6 episode series, it's more style than substance. But the style is in excellent GAINAX tradition - fluid action, great animation, quirky plotline, abundant fan service. Worth watching.

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