Travelog and Tech Tips

Rodney is a guy from Malaysia who studied in Singapore. He currently shuttles between several cities in Southeast Asia for work and play. This website is a collection of his travel journals and random thoughts.

Sunrise at Phu Chi Fa near the Thai-Laos border


North Thailand: Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai
(Dec 2005)

The Netherlands: Amsterdam
(Sep 2005)

Australia: Perth
(Jul 2005)

Yokoso! Japan: 8 days in Central Honshu
(Apr 2005)

Andaman Islands: Koh Ngai / Trang
(Nov 2004)

Italy: Milan & Lake Como
(Aug 2002)


Ferry & Jeni's ROM Ceremony
(Jul 2005)

Anime / Now Watching

Gunbuster 2 / Aim for the Top 2!
(Feb 2006)

Honey and Clover
(Feb 2006)


Linksys WRT54GL Performance
(Apr 2008)

Samsung Galaxy S Tweaks
(Nov 2010)

Enhanced Pitch Shifter for ReClock
(Apr 2009)

Nokia N80: Changing Fonts
(Jun 2006)

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