Saturday, January 07, 2006

Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai: Day 2

Had a surprisingly good night's sleep. We were up by 4am and headed to Doi Kiew Lom to watch the sun rise. A friend had motion sickness during the 1-hour van ride, but she was able to pull through it.

Sunrise @ Doi Kew Lom

We arrived about an hour before sunrise. The stars were out in full force in the night sky, creating a magnificent backdrop for the sea of clouds below us.

Obligatory tourist photo with trademark pose.

While setting up for a group photo, we were in for a little morning adrenaline rush. The log fence which the gang was sitting on very suddenly collapsed! Two people fell down the slope, and I got quite worried. Thankfully, they didn't fall far and had no injuries. Beware of old log fences!

Sun rising over the sea of clouds.

The flying mist.

The peak of nearby Doi Luang Chiang Dao is visible just above the sea of clouds.

Scenic views make people happy. :)

After the sunrise, we headed back to our chalet for breakfast. Our next stop would be Doi Angkhang, near the Thai-Burmese border.

Shopping for packed lunch at one of the markets along the way.

Doi Angkhang

After a few hours' drive along some really steep and winding roads, we arrived at Doi Angkhang. The mountain is home to a large agricultural research facility and several hill tribe villages.

We checked into a pre-booked inn and dug into our yummy lunch.

The gang at Angkhang town, a very small aggregation of shops and restaurants. There's also an Amari hotel located just outside the town.

Group photo just outside the entrance to the agricultural station.

Inside a greenhouse which was filled with exotic flowers and plants.

Monsieur Guy (or should it be Khun Guy?), our French 'farang' friend.

Tea anyone?

Lots of photo-taking and flower-admiring opportunities here!

Royal Agricultural Station

The greenhouse was just one of the attractions in the agricultural station. There were plantations, 'dry climate' plants, flower gardens, etc. all within walking distance.

We ended the day with dinner at Angkhang town, followed by some tea tasting.

I have to say that there must have been something wrong with the roosters in Angkhang. I was woken up several times at around 3am by the roosters' crowing. Crazy chickens, don't they know they're only supposed to crow when the sun rises?

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